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Computers[edit | edit source]

Name OS CPU GPU RAM Motherboard/Computer's model name Usage Status
The Acer Windows 7

Manjaro Linux

Intel Core i5 4400 AMD Radeon R5 235 6GB Acer Aspire TC-605 (lga1150) main machine: mid-2015 to late-2018

semi-active server: mid-2019 to late-2021

main placeholder machine: late-2021 to now

Original case and power supply got replaced by the one from Gaming PC. Will be getting new GPU soon.
Gaming PC (aka Rusty Piece of Shit) Windows 7

Windows 10

Windows XP (mouse is fucked)

Manjaro Linux

Intel Core i3 2100 AMD Radeon HD 6850

(broke 9/8/2021)

8GB ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. P8H61-M LE/CSM R2.0 (LGA1155) late-2018 to late-2021 retired after i had a fuck-ton of problems with it, replaced in favor of acer.
The Compaq Windows XP Intel Pentium 4-2000 (Northwood, 2002) Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics 1GB Compaq Evo D510 SFF late-2018, now? works fine, but i need a bigger IDE drive (why should i use 20gb) and an AGP graphics card.
The Dell Windows 10 (soon 7) Intel Core i3 4010U Integrated Intel HD Graphics 6GB Dell Inc. 0MJNYC (Insprion 3537) chaziz-related production: late-2015 to late-2018

now used once a month

fuck this machine, i hate it.
Dying Acer Windows 7 AMD Athlon II P320 Integrated 4GB Acer Aspire 5551 main machine: 2011 to 2013

temp machine: early-2015

dismantled october 2020 in order to recover early-2015

roblox client, now on roblonium's archives iirc. once had a seizure back in 2020 when i booted safe mode before dismantling.

Broken Acer Android x86 4.4 Early-2010s Intel Pentium? Integrated Intel HD Graphics 4GB? Acer Aspire (model is unknown) 2013 to early-2015, early-2015 to mid-2015 fucking broken by attempted dismantle, only boots for like 2 secs and then dies.

Builds that I have tried[edit | edit source]

This is sorted by the compile date, so older builds appear early on the list, and recent builds appear later on the list.

"Tested" builds
Version Build Demo Screenshot Tag SKU Tried Virtualized Review
Windows XP 2442
5.1.2442.1.main.010217-1630 Personal 8/14/2021 VMware Workstation 12.5.9 This build overshadows 2446 because most of the changes that were on that build were actually first introduced on this build. Other than that, it's not really a huge build. Apparently it was released on BetaWorld since time in late-2014 from what I've heard? Seems interesting...
Windows Vista 5552
6.0.5552.16384.vista_rc1.060822-1900 Ultimate 8/15/2021 VMware Workstation 12.5.9 Kind of interesting how XP leftovers are still everywhere yet most of the Vista UI is finalized (other than the post-OOBE screen). This is also yet another build that I installed just to replace Caveria's poorly made now-deleted screenshot. This build somehow doesn't work with the VMware 7.0 SVGA drivers, as after rebooting after installing the drivers, nothing shows up after the boot screen.
Windows Vista 6000
6.0.6000.16386.vista_rtm.061101-2205 Ultimate 8/6/2021 VMware Workstation 12.5.9 Installation was slower than usual.

I don't really get the whole fuzz about this build being unstable. I rate InkBall a 10/10. Would recommend.

Windows 7 6469
6.1.6469.1.fbl_find_dev(wexbuild).071002-1531 Business 8/7/2021 VMware Workstation 12.5.9 Take a beta build of Vista Service Pack 1 and then make the taskbar taller. The end result is Windows 7 build 6469. There isn't anything interesting in this build other than the Superbar and the hidden bootscreen.
Windows 7 6519
6.1.6519.1.winmain.071220-1525 Ultimate 8/7/2021 VMware Workstation 12.5.9 Contrary to popular belief, the sidebar still exists, but it is invisible, meaning that gadgets can still be pinned to the sidebar. The "Internet/Email" icons that are on the start menu are automatically pinned on the Superbar and can be changed easily with the "Customize Start Menu" setting. It also appears that the superbar is slightly taller by a few pixels on this build when compared to 6469.
Windows 7 7068
6.1.7068.0.winmain.090321-1322 Ultimate 8/15/2021 VMware Workstation 12.5.9 This build isn't that interesting. I only tried this build out because the previous version of the demo screenshot was... quite odd to say the least (Why Caveria, why?).[1] The only thing interesting was the fact that you could place "smooth shapes" on Paint, a feature that was removed in the RTM (which build?).