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Version of Microsoft Windows
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OS familyWindows NT
CodenameWindows Vail
Preliminary name
Architecturex86, x64
Latest build
Release date2020-06-04
Support end????-??-??
Windows Vail
Replaced by
Windows Beaver Creek

The koolest guy of all! I like to help the community and sometimes make fake builds, but I love to learn and help, My help page is at the bottom of this page.

I joined on May 04, 2020

I am from Colorado, Vail Colorado, I love WHS code name Vail because the codename is Vail!

the part of a Betawiki Editor (Everybody love Betawiki)

Fake Builds[edit | edit source]

As I said, I sometimes make fake builds, Like Windows 7.1, builds I made are listed down below.

Windows Longhorn build 3553 (Starting) (Taken From Windows XP Beta 3)

Windows Odyssey (Work in progress) (Taken from build 5111.1)

Windows Triton (January 2001) (work in progress) (Taken from Windows Neptune build 5111.1, Windows 2000, or Windows XP Betas)

Windows 7 Longhorn Edition (work in progress, but Delays) (7617) (Should be complete by July 21, 2020)

Windows 8.2 (work in progress) (Build Number Updating)

Windows Vienna (work in progress) (Build number Pending) (Base of windows vista)

Windows Blackcomb (Finishing up M1, then moving to M2) (M1: 2837 M2: Build number not chosen) (Base of Windows server 2003 or Windows Longhorn 4001-4011)

Complete Fake builds[edit | edit source]

here are fake builds I completed

Windows Vista SP4 (6004) (Finished on 04-28-20)

Windows 2000 build on XP technology (2199) (05-02-20)

Windows XP build on NT technology (2605) (05-06-20)

Windows Longhorn Ultimate edition with Windows XP SP2 (4095) (05-11-20)

Windows XP Embedded 2020 (2620) (05-24-20)

Windows 7 Rocket League edition (Build Number Installing) (05-29-20)

Windows Vista Longhorn edition (6017) (06-09-20)

Windows Longhorn (3550) Taken from Windows XP build 2463 (06-18-20)

Windows 7.1 (7684) (Taken From Windows 7 SP1) (06-27-20)

Computers[edit | edit source]

The computers I use, for fun or work!

1.) Lenovo C330

OS.) Chrome OS

Made.) 2019-2020

Software.) Under Construction

Mouse.) None

Keyboard.) Built-In

Extra Add-Ons.) None (Soo far)

Purpose.) My basic computer, this is what I use to go on Betawiki.

2.) Sony Vaio PCG-FXA49

OS.) Windows XP SP3 (I will upgrade to Windows Server 2003 or Windows Longhorn 4008 later on)

Made.) 2000-2001

Software.) Unknown

Mouse.) Lost

Keyboard.) Build-In

Extra Add-Ons.) None

Purpose.) I don't use this Laptop often, it's old, I will use it for Windows installs later on.

3.) Alienware M17xR3

OS.)Windows 7 Ultimate SP1

Made.) 2010

Software.) Under Construction section

Mouse.) None

Keyboard.) Built-In

Extra Add-Ons.) Wireless Wifi Router

Purpose.) I use this computer to install Windows Beta Builds (Builds Like Windows 7).

4.) MSI Agesis

OS.) Windows 10 November 2019 Update

Made.) 2018-2020

Software.) Unknown

Mouse.) Steel Series Rival 310

Keyboard.) MSI Agesis Keyboard

Extra Add-Ons.) 3 TB My Book External Hard drive

Monitor.) Acer Predator

Purpose.) I use this computer for Testing builds on Oracle Virtualbox and VMware, I also use this computer for playing Planet Coaster and Snowtopia.

5.) XPS (Unknown number)

The Desktop In my XPS
My XPS's Desktop

OS.Dual Boot) Windows Home Server 'Vail'

OS.Dual Boot.2) Windows Small business server 'Aurora'

Made.) 2008

Software.) Unknown

Mouse.) Wireless Fabric ONN Mouse

Keyboard.) Saitek PC gamers Keyboard (From 2005) (I will get a wireless keyboard later on)

Extra Add-Ons.) Wireless WiFi router, Logitech Z 5500,

Monitor.) SCEPTER E20

Purpose.) I use this PC for my To-do list, and for image uploading!

Extra Devices[edit | edit source]

These are my extra devices

1.) Ipad

IpadOS 13

Use the Ipad for Betawiki, and skiing video games.

2.) Ipad Mini 2


Unused Image I put here

This was my old Ipad, used it for the internet mostly

3.) Xbox One X (Project Scorpio Edition)

Xbox OS

Use this to play Rocket League and Forza Horizon (My Gamertag is 'Carnifex')

4.) Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Android OS (I don't know what version)

Use my Note 4 as a normal phone

Favorite Versions of Windows[edit | edit source]

I'm not that much of a fan of macOS or Linux, I like Windows!

Here are my faves

1.0.) Windows Vail (I live in Vail, Colorado)

1.1.) Windows Aurora

1.2.) Windows 7

2.0) Windows XP

2.1.) Windows Media center edition 2004

3.) Windows Longhorn Pre-Reset

4.) Windows 98 SE

5.) Windows Blackcomb

6.) Windows ME Developer Preview

Least favorite versions of Windows[edit | edit source]

Here are the versions of Windows I'm not a fan of.

1.) Windows 10 RTM and Anniversary Update

2.) Windows 8.1

3.) Windows Memphis

4.) Windows 3.0 and 3.1

5.) Windows Thin PC

6.) Windows 1.0X and 2.X

Windows Longhorn Milestone 1[edit | edit source]

Windows Longhorn build 3550

Windows Longhorn build 3553

Looking for Help?[edit | edit source]

if you need help on betawiki, you can continue To the bottom of my user page, where I will host the help page

Kool guy's To-do list[edit | edit source]

My to-do's I need to do, or just play around with

1. Install most Windows 7 builds

2. Make some improvements to Windows CE pages

3. Learn how to edit pages like an Admin (Kinda)

4. Become an admin (Very Hard)

5. edit 50 pages Finished

6. Create Windows CE Pages

7. Create many incomplete Windows Pages

8. edit 100 pages

9. Install many Longhorn and XP builds in Virtual Box

10. Add many more pages about Windows

11. find out what my XPS number is

12. Install and Dual boot Windows Code-Name Vail and Aurora on my XPS

Kool guy's helpful links[edit | edit source]

If you want to go to the main page of betawiki, go to the Main_Page

If you want to view our recent changes, go to the Recent Changes

if you want to download Windows longhorn ISO's, copy the link below into your browsers search bar:

My Test Section[edit | edit source]

you can skip through here, its just test things I put here

Kool Guys test TalkWindows logo (2006).svgKool Guy Talk 09:47, 18 June 2020 (UTC)

I go on all of your talk pages or user pages, I copy kool stuff here, I test it, and if I like it, I put it here.

Kool Guys Help Section[edit | edit source]

This help section is Under construction, just wait here because it will come out in a week or two or three or four