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About me / Su di me

Hi, I'm from Italy. I love post Windows Betas photos. Do you like to try some Betas Builds?

My operating system that I use
Il Sistema Operativo che uso
Version of Microsoft Windows
Windows 10 logo and wordmark.svg
OS family
VersionWindows 10 20H2
Codename20H2 (Version)
2009 (Release ID)
Preliminary name
Latest build
Release date2020-10-20
Support end2022-05-20

My favourite game / Mio gioco preferito: Asphalt 8

My favourite programs: AutoCAD (I've 2016 version), VMware and 86Box

Watch tested builds by me click here

If you want, pass my YouTube Channel

My Computer Specs

I use an acer 5930G with Intel Centrino2Inside CPU (x64 CPU), but I've Windows 10 x86 OS installed on my SSD. I've a NViDIA Geforce 9600M GT 512 MB as my video adapter. I've 4 GB DDR2 of RAM on my PC