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Installing and upgrading Microsoft Windows on Microsoft Virtual PC 2007. I'm doing a test upgrade. It was in mid 2019-01 to mid 2019-09. I accidently deleted this virtual machine on VirtualBox.

30 GB hard disk (originally two 15 GB hard disk, but merged with upgrade to Windows Vista)

1024 RAM (originally 512 RAM, but increased with upgrade to Windows XP) (Temporary increased to 2048 RAM for further upgrades)

Main language upgrade: Polish

Main upgrade system: Windows 7

Windows NT 4.0 - Success! (SP1) (Done in mid 2019-01) (Re-done in 2019-03-23)

Windows 2000 - Success! (SP4) (Done in mid 2019-01) (Re-done in 2019-03-23)

Windows XP - Success! (SP1, 2 and 3 Success!) (Without minor update SP1a) (RTM done in 2019-01-26) (SP1 done in 2019-02-10) (SP1a done in 2019-04-10) (SP2 done in 2019-02-17) (SP3 done in 2019-02-25)

Windows Vista - Success! (SP1 and 2 Success!) (Uninstalled SP2 to make space for upgrade to Windows 7) (RTM done in 2019-03-02) (SP1 done in 2019-03-16) (SP2 done in 2019-03-17)

Windows 7 - Success! (SP1 Success!) (RTM v1 done in 2019-04-07) (SP1 v1 done in 2019-04-13) (RTM v2 done in 2019-09-01) (SP1 v2 done in 2019-09-06)

Windows 8 - Failed! (Unfinished done in 2019-09-15)

Windows 8.1 - Failed!

Windows 10 - Failed for all versions!

Note: Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 cannot be installed in Microsoft Virtual PC 2007.

Reinstall (about or desktop screenshots)

Windows Server 2008 build 6001.16510

Windows Server 2008 build 6001.16606

Windows Server 2008 build 6001.16648

Windows Server 2008 build 6001.16659

Windows Server 2008 build 6001.17042

Windows Server 2008 build 6001.17051

Windows Server 2008 build 6001.17119

Windows Vista build 6000.16384

Windows Vista build 6000.16385

Windows 7 build 6931

Windows 7 build 7022

Windows 7 build 7048

Windows 7 build 7055

Windows 7 build 7057

Windows 7 build 7062

Windows 7 build 7068

Windows 7 build 7106

Windows 7 build 7127

Windows 7 build 7137

Windows 7 build 7225

Windows 7 build 7227

Windows 7 build 7229

Windows 8.1 build 9374

Windows 10 build 10041

Windows 10 build 10049

Windows Server 2016 build 10051

Windows Server 2016 build 10056

Windows Server 2016 build 10074 (fbl_impressive)

Windows Server 2016 build 10108

Windows Server 2016 build 10586

Total: 30 builds

On 2019-10-07 I got permament blocked for false positive, but about 2 hours later I got unblocked. During editing some Windows XP builds pages!

Time Focus

My history on BetaWiki! Sorry for bad English for some moments!

Part 1: First Focus on BetaWiki

June 2018 to September 2018


I downloaded ISO from Windows about pages such as Windows XP build 2542 or Windows 8 build 7989 and make them custom and various demos. I created also very fake demo about build 4100 pre-reset-end. In this time I also create and updating my user page.

September 2018 to November 2018


At 2018-09-21 I've created BetaArchive account with same username with my BetaWiki user. At 2018-09-23 I managed get FTP Access in BetaArchive and started transfering ISOs, VHDs about Windows from FileZilla, some focus still finding on some Windows about pages. I about get Windows Server 2008 builds and Windows 7 without Windows Aero, at end some Windows 8.1 builds and I helped BF10 with this.

November 2018 to January 2019


At this time I made various themes about Windows XP and Windows Longhorn, where I misspelled Silver with Sliver (bold is correct) and I less downloaded and helped BetaWiki with Windows pages.

January 2019 to March 2019

Massive leaks and temporary leave

At this time I've downloaded some new Windows 8 builds such 8032, 8176 and 8438. Later at this time I've created various and returned to demos in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 until Guidelines was changed with demos, discovered new way to properly crop About window and last time at this time was very stupid for me talk page about custom demos and ":", that made me to temporary leave on 2019-03-23. It doesn't apply to my BetaArchive account and still posting.

Part 2: Second Focus on BetaWiki

August 2019 to September 2019

Again helping at BetaWiki

I returned to BetaWiki on 2019-08-06 and helped installing Windows Server 2016 builds and I become automoderated user. I was also updated Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera latest versions.

September 2019 to December 2019

Less leaks and permamently leave

At this time I've stopped installing non-new builds about Windows. I also gained some tips for new users about installing Windows and Windows Aero screenshot on Windows Vista and Windows 7, discovered new program paint.NET. I also installed fake Windows XP builds such 2464 and 2493, which got deleted with very stupid and bad OS mod with annoying user Rain Ocampo. Last month on BetaWiki I've installed new leaked builds Windows 98 and missing Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack builds. Last week I've installed new leaked builds such Windows 8 build 7700 and Windows Server 2008 R2 build 7201 (winmain_win7ids_sp) and removed Service Pack SKU from Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs and Windows Server 2008 R2. At 2019-12-31 I've decided to stop editing on BetaWiki and permamently leave from this Wiki. Say Farewell Caveria! on last minutes or hours before New Year 2020 and I've stop also making new posts on BetaArchive and end with 60 posts.

Featured article (1 year ago)

Windows 10 build 15035 is a build of Windows 10 Creators Update. It was leaked to BetaArchive on 24 November 2019. This build is currently notable to be the only leaked Windows 10 client build available for ARM (ARMv7) processors. It is possible to run this build under QEMU as well as on various devices that originally shipped with Windows RT or Windows 10 Mobile if the appropriate drivers are available and Secure Boot can be disabled.

This build omits certain apps that were either not available for ARM (ARMv7) processors at the time or were simply excluded from the build for other reasons. Although the included apps are limited there are numerous additional apps still available as well as updates for the preinstalled apps that are compatible with this build.