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Mozilla Firefox (in its Quantum UI design used in versions 57-88) on Ubuntu
Developer(s)Mozilla Foundation
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Latest release version109.0.1, 102.7.0esr
Latest release date2023-01-31
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Mozilla Firefox is a web browser developed by Mozilla Corporation from 2002 and the successor to Netscape. It runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. The first public version was released in 2004.

Versions[edit | edit source]

Name Versions Release date Notes
Mozilla Firefox 0.x 0.1 - 0.9.3 2002 (Phoenix)

2003 (Firebird)

First version to be released. The browser was initially called Phoenix until 14 April 2003 when a trademark dispute with BIOS manufacturer Phoenix Technologies forced the name to be changed to Firebird. In December 2003, it was decided to change the name again, due to mounting pressure from the Firebird database server community. 0.8 is the first version to be called Firefox. It is the only version to properly work on many builds of Windows Whistler.
Mozilla Firefox 1.x 1.0rc1 - 2004 First version to be released publicly and last version to support Windows 95, Mac OS X Cheetah and Mac OS X Puma.
Mozilla Firefox 2.x - 2006 Last version to officially support Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98, Windows Me, Mac OS X Jaguar and Mac OS X Panther, as well as OS/2 (and thus, also eComStation) and to unofficially support Windows NT 3.51 and Windows 95 with patches. Later versions (up to 9.0) can be unofficially installed on 98 and Me through the use of the KernelEx compatibility layer. Revision .0.0.7 is the last version to properly work on Windows XP/Server 2003 builds 2467 - 2469, as well as Windows Vista builds 5098 - 5231.2
Mozilla Firefox 3.x 3.0a1 - 3.6.28 2008 Minor interface changes and last version to support Mac OS X Tiger and PowerPC-based Macs and to properly work on Windows 2000 build 1911 and below. Revision .5 introduces private browsing mode, last version to work without SSE2 officially
Mozilla Firefox 4.x 3.7a1 - 4.0.1 2011 Comes with upgraded interface and first x64 version for Linux and macOS
Mozilla Firefox 5.x 5.0a2 - 5.0.1 First version to have a rapid release cycle
Mozilla Firefox 6.x 6.0a1 - 6.0.2 Last version to support Android 2.0 and to properly work on Windows Vista builds 5048, 5259 and 5270
Mozilla Firefox 7.x 7.0a1 - 7.0.1
Mozilla Firefox 8.x 8.0a1 - 8.0.1 Last version to work correctly on Windows XP build 2223 due to Visual C++ assert errors.
Mozilla Firefox 9.x 9.0a1 - 9.0.1 Last version to work correctly on Windows 98 and Me with KernelEx.
Mozilla Firefox 10.x 10.0a1 - 10.0.2 (normal), 10.0.12esr (ESR) 2012 First version to have an ESR cycle (Extended Support Release)
Mozilla Firefox 11.x 11.0a1 - 11.0
Mozilla Firefox 12.x 12.0a1 - 12.0 Last version to officially support Windows 2000. Also, it is the last version to work correctly on Windows XP builds from 2474 to SP1 and Windows Longhorn builds 3683 - 4053. Later versions (up to 52.0) can be installed through unofficial patches to the operating system.
Moziila Firefox 13.x 13.0a1 - 13.0.1 First version to have updated home page
Mozilla Firefox 14.x 14.0a1 - 14.0.1
Mozilla Firefox 15.x 15.0a1 - 15.0.1
Mozilla Firefox 16.x 16.0a1 - 16.0.2 Last version to support Mac OS X Leopard
Mozilla Firefox 17.x 17.0a1 - 17.0.1 (normal), 17.0.11esr (ESR)
Mozilla Firefox 18.x 18.0a1 - 18.0.2 2013
Mozilla Firefox 19.x 19.0a1 - 19.0.2 Last version to support Android 2.1
Mozilla Firefox 20.x 20.0a1 - 20.0.1 New download manager and last version to run properly on Windows Longhorn build 4093 and Windows Vista builds 5284 - 5356
Mozilla Firefox 21.x 21.0a1 - 21.0
Mozilla Firefox 22.x 22.0a1 - 22.0
Mozilla Firefox 23.x 23.0a1 - 23.0.1 New logo
Mozilla Firefox 24.x 24.0a1 - 24.0 (normal), 24.8.1esr (ESR)
Mozilla Firefox 25.x 25.0a1 - 25.0.1
Mozilla Firefox 26.x 26.0a1 - 26.0.1
Mozilla Firefox 27.x 27.0a1 - 27.0.1 2014
Mozilla Firefox 28.x 28.0a1 - 28.0.1
Mozilla Firefox 29.x 29.0a1 - 29.0.1 First version to have Australis interface
Mozilla Firefox 30.x 30.0a1 - 30.0
Mozilla Firefox 31.x 31.0a1 - 31.0 (normal), 31.8.0esr (ESR) Last version to support Android 2.2
Mozilla Firefox 32.x 32.0a1 - 32.0.3
Mozilla Firefox 33.x 33.0a1 - 33.1.1
Mozilla Firefox 34.x 34.0a1 - 34.0.5 First version to have Firefox Hello
Mozilla Firefox 35.x 35.0a1 - 35.0.1 2015
Mozilla Firefox 36.x 36.0a1 - 36.0.4
Mozilla Firefox 37.x 37.0a1 - 37.0.2
Mozilla Firefox 38.x 38.0a1 - 38.0.6 (normal), 38.8.0esr (ESR)
Mozilla Firefox 39.x 39.0a1 - 39.0.3
Mozilla Firefox 40.x 40.0a1 - 40.0.3 First version to officially support Windows 10
Mozilla Firefox 41.x 41.0a1 - 41.0.2
Mozilla Firefox 42.x 42.0a1 - 42.0 First x64 version for Windows
Mozilla Firefox 43.x 43.0a1 - 43.0.4 Since revision .0.2, a SHA-256 signing certificate is used for Windows to meet new signing requirements
Mozilla Firefox 44.x 44.0a1 - 44.0.2 2016
Mozilla Firefox 45.x 45.0a1 - 45.0.2 (normal), 45.9.0esr (ESR) Last version to support Android 3.0
Mozilla Firefox 46.x 46.0a1 - 46.0.1 Last version to run properly on Windows Longhorn builds 4066 - 4088
Mozilla Firefox 47.x 47.0a1 - 47.0.2 Last version to support Android 2.3

Mozilla Firefox 48.x

48.0a1 - 48.0.2 Added Process Separation (e10s). Last version to support Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Mac OS X Lion and OS X Mountain Lion. Also the last version to officially support Linux without SSE processors
Mozilla Firefox 49.x 49.0a1 - 49.0.2 Discontinued support for Firefox Hello and last version to work properly on Windows 7 builds 6931 - 7022. Later versions will launch, but there is no ability to browse anything except for the internal about: pages
Mozilla Firefox 50.x 50.0a1 - 50.1.0
Mozilla Firefox 51.x 51.0a1 - 51.0.3 2017
Mozilla Firefox 52.x 52.0a1 - 52.0.2 (normal), 52.9.0esr (ESR) Last version to support NPAPI plugins other than Adobe Flash. NPAPI plugins other than Adobe Flash are disabled in the normal release, but enabled in the ESR release. Last version to officially support Windows XP, Windows Vista and 32-bit macOS. Later versions can be installed on Vista through unofficial patches to the operating system [1] [2]
Mozilla Firefox 53.x 53.0a1 - 53.0.3 First version to have no support for NPAPI plugins other than Adobe Flash. Last version to unofficially support Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista build 5360 and newer with unofficial patches, such as the XomPie extended kernel
Mozilla Firefox 54.x 54.0a1 - 54.0.1 Currently the last version to work correctly on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 with OneCore API
Mozilla Firefox 55.x 55.0a1 - 55.0.3 Last version to support Android 4.0. Work has begun on a new interface "Photon UI".
Mozilla Firefox 56.x 56.0a1 - 56.0.2
Mozilla Firefox 57.x 57.0a1 - 57.0.4 Changed the logo and major changes, the "Photon UI" is enabled by default.
Mozilla Firefox 58.x 58.0a1 - 58.0.2 2018 Last version to have about: page, a leftover from Netscape
Mozilla Firefox 59.x 59.0a1 - 59.0.3
Mozilla Firefox 60.x 60.0a1 - 60.0.2 (normal), 60.9.0esr (ESR)
Mozilla Firefox 61.x 61.0a1 - 61.0.2
Mozilla Firefox 62.x 62.0a1 - 62.0.3
Mozilla Firefox 63.x 63.0a1 - 63.0.3 Last version with a RSS feed reader
Mozilla Firefox 64.x 64.0a1 - 64.0.2
Mozilla Firefox 65.x 65.0a1 - 65.0.2 2019
Mozilla Firefox 66.x 66.0a1 - 66.0.5
Mozilla Firefox 67.x 67.0a1 - 67.0.4 First version to ask to make a new profile after installing older versions and first ARM64 version for Windows
Mozilla Firefox 68.x 68.0a1 - 68.0.2 (normal), 68.12.0esr (ESR) Last version to support Android 4.1-4.4, base of Mypal68 which was designed for Windows XP
Mozilla Firefox 69.x 69.0a1 - 69.0.3 First version to have Adobe Flash Player disabled by default
Mozilla Firefox 70.x 70.0a1 - 70.0.1 New logo and minor changes in About
Mozilla Firefox 71.x 71.0a1 - 71.0 Support for "Picture-in-Picture" on Windows
Mozilla Firefox 72.x 72.0a1 - 72.0.2 2020 Support for "Picture-in-Picture" on macOS and Linux
Mozilla Firefox 73.x 73.0a1 - 73.0.1
Mozilla Firefox 74.x 74.0a1 - 74.0.1 Introduces RLBox, a new technology, which protects Firefox from security issues of third-party libraries, on Linux.
Mozilla Firefox 75.x 75.0a1 - 75.0 RLBox is now also available on macOS.
Mozilla Firefox 76.x 76.0a1 - 76.0.1
Mozilla Firefox 77.x 77.0a1 - 77.0.1
Mozilla Firefox 78.x 78.0a1 - 78.0.2 (normal), 78.15.0esr (ESR) Last version to run on OS X Mavericks (10.9), OS X Yosemite (10.10) and OS X El Capitan (10.11); last version to work with processors without SSE4.1 on macOS.
Mozilla Firefox 79.x 79.0a1 - 79.0
Mozilla Firefox 80.x 80.0a1 - 80.0.1
Mozilla Firefox 81.x 81.0a1 - 81.0.2 First version to have the Firefox Alpenglow theme
Mozilla Firefox 82.x 82.0a1 - 82.0.3 The design for "Picture-in-Picture" was changed and increased performance for the browser
Mozilla Firefox 83.x 83.0a1 - 83.0 First version to have HTTPS-Only Mode
Mozilla Firefox 84.x 84.0a1 - 84.0.2 First version to support the Apple M1 processor natively
Mozilla Firefox 85.x 85.0a1 - 85.0.2 2021 First version that no longer supports Adobe Flash Player. Improvements to bookmark management. Work has begun on the new "Proton UI" interface.
Mozilla Firefox 86.x 86.0a1 - 86.0.1 Support for "Picture-in-Picture" for multiple videos
Mozilla Firefox 87.x 87.0a1 - 87.0 Support for the built-in screen reader of macOS, VoiceOver
Mozilla Firefox 88.x 88.0a1 - 88.0 Disabled support for FTP. Last version to properly work on certain Windows 7 RC and Pre-RTM builds (from build 7048 to build 7201, since build 7225 and higher will work properly on latest version). Later versions will work, but have an issue with font rendering and increases difficulties with browsing. Early work on the Proton UI.
Mozilla Firefox 89.x 89.0a1 - 89.0 Major changes to the interface with the introduction of the new Proton UI, however it can be disabled until version 90.
Mozilla Firefox 90.x 90.0a1 - 90.0.2 Removed support for FTP. On Windows, updates will now install in the background, even when Firefox is not currently running.
Mozilla Firefox 91.x 91.0a1 - 91.0.2 (normal), 91.13.0esr (ESR) Removed ability to disable Proton. Last version to work correctly on Windows 10X.
Mozilla Firefox 92.x 92.0a1 - 92.0.1
Mozilla Firefox 93.x 93.0a1 - 93.0 Added support for the AVIF format. On Windows, when the available system memory becomes insufficient, Firefox automatically disloads rarely used tabs. Disabled downloads from http-based addresses.
Mozilla Firefox 94.x 94.0a1 - 94.0.2 On macOS, Firefox now uses the Energy Saving Mode for full screen videos on YouTube and Twitch. On Windows, Firefox no longer notifies the user of an update to speed up installation. RLBox is now also available on Windows. Introduced Site Isolation (previously codenamed Fission) and support for the Snap Layout feature in Windows 11. The Add-On "Firefox Multi-Account Containers" is now installed by default. New page about:unloads where the user can set tabs to hibernate. This is the first version to be offered at the Microsoft Store for Windows and as a MSIX installer. Revision .2 corrected bugs relating to the MSIX-packed edition.
Mozilla Firefox 95.0 95.0a1 - 95.0.2 Improvements on macOS for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video streams. Site Isolation is now activated on all platforms to protect Firefox users better from Side Channel attacks like Spectre or Meltdown. Added a User Agent override for to make Firefox better use of features there. Revision .1 addresses an issue with web pages and removes the User Agent override for, revision .2 adresses an issue with AMD CPUs on Windows 7 - Windows 8.1.
Mozilla Firefox 96.0 96.0a1 - 96.0.3 2022
Mozilla Firefox 97.0 97.0a1 - 97.0.1 Firefox now supports and displays the new style of scrollbars on Windows 11. PostScript printing is no longer supported on Linux. Bugfixes for Windows 7 and Linux.
Mozilla Firefox 98.0 98.0b1 - 98.0.2 Firefox no longer asks for a download to start; downloads now start automatically, in a similar behavior to Chromium-based browsers.
Mozilla Firefox 99 99.0a1 - 99.0.1
Mozilla Firefox 100 100.0a1 - 100.0.2 New design for the about:welcome OOBE page, in tribute to reaching the version 100 milestone.
Mozilla Firefox 101 101.0a1 - 101.0.1
Mozilla Firefox 102 102.0a1 - 102.0.1 (normal), 102.7.0 (ESR)
Mozilla Firefox 103 103.0a1 - 103.0.2
Mozilla Firefox 104 104.0a1 - 104.0.2
Mozilla Firefox 105 105.0a1 - 105.0.3
Mozilla Firefox 106 106.0a1 - 106.0.5
Mozilla Firefox 107 107.0a1 - 107.0.1
Mozilla Firefox 108 108.0a1 - 108.0.2
Mozilla Firefox 109 109.0a1 - 109.0.1 2023

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