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Build of Windows 11
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This is a test build of Windows 11. This uses a branched off version of Windows 10 as its base, however, from the looks of things, it has been heavily modified. This build was given to me in ISO format courtesy of Microsoft due to me being signed up for the Windows Insider Program and being a randomly chosen one user to try it out. This build continues the flat theme that debuted in Windows 10 and takes it a step further with tons more flat icons, such as the recycle bin and the hard drive on the This PC page. This build brings back the pure Windows 7 start menu, but it is also rumored that Windows 8's start screen also will be included somehow to provide the metro app functionality, something currently lacking on the Windows 7 styled start menu. Metro apps are not currently accessible on this build of Windows 11 as the start menu doesn't support them and due to the fact that clicking the Windows Store icon in the superbar throws a BSOD and restarts your computer. It is rumored Windows 8's start screen will be made available alongside the Windows 7 start menu to provide the metro app functionality in later builds and when this RTM's. Many of the Windows 10 flat icons were replaced with new, flat icons, and the remaining Windows Vista/7/8 high res icons that remained in 10 were also replaced with new, flat icons as well. The taskbar got the new flat icons as well. The aero peek button is the same size as it is in Windows 7 to make it more known to people, the notification icon is gone, with Windows 7's action center revived and taking on its functionality. The date and time sit where the notification icon once did (like it did in Windows 8), the sound icon is now a speaker with a music note in it, the wi-fi icon is now represented by red, yellow, and green, with green being great strength, yellow being fair, and red being poor. The battery icon is also this same color as well with green being good battery life, yellow being fair battery life, and red being an indication to put your laptop on the charger. It then has a flag for the action center, like windows 7, with the arrow to show hidden icons next to it. This build also carries over the my people feature from 10, with its taskbar icon being the one used in 10. The start button is the blank domino looking thing in the bottom left corner. Next to that is the virtual desktop feature, carried over from Windows 10. Windows 11 is also the first build since Windows 95 to not ship with Internet Explorer, with it being dropped in favor of Edge. This build also introduces a major redesign of the Manage settings page, which has seen the same design since Windows 2000. Aero glass also makes its triumphant return after being absent since the Windows 8 preview builds. Aero glass can be seen on the task bar and in the file explorer header, though it's hard to see due to the one color light blue background. The background is light blue with text that says Shhh... let's not leak our hard work, something seen in early Windows 8 builds. It also has the build watermark in the bottom right corner above the superbar.

Poor Icon Drawings

When asked about why Windows 11 looked soo poorly drawn, a Microsoft employee who wished to remain anonymous said that they had new coders come onto the team so they branched off a version of Windows 10 for them to show off their skills before they can join the Windows 11 development team. He then went on to say that later previews and the RTM would look different and better, but be similar-ish in style to this build.