Component of Microsoft Windows
Minesweeper icon.png
Minesweeper in Windows Vista
Introduced inWindows 3.1
Last included inWindows 7

Minesweeper (also known as Flower Garden) is a puzzle video game, the objective of which is to clear all mines in a field, using the number of surrounding mines in each tile as a clue. The Microsoft version of the game was introduced in the Microsoft Entertainment Pack and was later bundled with Windows 3.1 through Windows 7. Since Windows 8, an updated version of the game is available from the Microsoft Store.

In the Italian localization of Windows 2000 and above, the game is known as Flower Garden (Italian: Prato fiorito) and uses a modified icon and tile set that features flowers instead of mines, as well as a different explosion sound. This was extended to other regions that are sensitive to the issue of land mines with Windows Vista. The updated version of the game also adds an option to switch between mine and flower themes at will, the default value of which depends on the region.

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