Draft:Garuda Linux

Garuda Linux
Distribution of Linux
Release typeRolling
Initial version
Latest version
Initial release2020-03-26
User interfaceKDE Plasma, GNOME, Xfce, LXQt, Cinnamon, Qtile, i3, Sway
Package manager
Standard, Community, Barebones
Based on
Arch Linux, BlackArch Linux (Dr460nized BlackArch)

Garuda Linux is a Linux distribution based on Arch Linux that aims to provide a colorful desktop environment. It is named after Garuda, a legendary bird in Hindu, Buddhist and Jain faith. It is also aimed at the gaming industry, with pre-installed tools that make installing gaming software easier out of the box, the linux-zen kernel, and the BTRFS file system.

Like Arch Linux, it is a rolling release distribution, with no fixed release and simply updates packages installed.

KDE variants[edit source]

The KDE versions have 3 variants. These include the following:

Dr460nized[edit source]

This is the default version. It has the default settings and software.

Dr460nized Gaming[edit source]

This version is aimed the most at gamers. It ships with gaming tools, emulators, etc.

Dr460nized BlackArch[edit source]

Based on BlackArch Linux, it is intended as a version for penetration testing. It provides tons of cybersecurity software installed by default.

Quirks[edit source]

It is optimized heavily for use on real hardware and when used on a virtual machine will not result in a proper experience.

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