86-DOS 1.14

86-DOS 1.14
Version of 86-DOS
86-DOS 1.14 First Boot.png
Release date1981-12-11
86-DOS 1.13

86-DOS 1.14 is one of the last releases of DOS by Seattle Computer Products under the name 86-DOS. The IBM version of this release is IBM PC-DOS 1.00 according to multiple sources. Currently, only the Tarbell DD version of 86-DOS 1.14 have surfaced. However, it cannot be simulated by the Altair 8800 (Z80) simulator.

This version of 86-DOS was distributed on a single sided 8" floppy disk (250¼ KB). According to documents on the disk, 86-DOS no longer fits into the reserved space on the disk and is now stored in a file named 86DOS.SYS. In order for the disk to boot, 86DOS.SYS must be the first file on the disk. There are various other improvements over 86-DOS 1.00.

Interestingly, if there is no date and time stored or entered, upon boot, it will display the date as 00-00-19 80 which apparently is Sunday.

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