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{{Infobox Windows
{{Infobox Windows
|logo = Windows Server 2016 logo.svg
|name = Windows Server version 1709
|name = Windows Server version 1709
|codename = Redstone 3
|codename = Redstone 3

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Windows Server version 1709
Version of Microsoft Windows
Windows Server 2016 logo.svg
OS familyWindows 10 (Windows NT)
CodenameRedstone 3
Preliminary name
Latest build
Release date2017-10-17
Support end2019-04-09
Windows Server 2016
Replaced by
Windows Server version 1803

Windows Server version 1709 is the server counterpart to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. By this point, Microsoft had dropped the Windows Server 2016 name and as of now, it refers to it as just "Windows Server".


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