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Build of Windows Nashville
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Windows Nashville build 999 is the only leaked build of Windows Nashville from late 1995-11.

It contains "Athena PIM", which was ultimately released as Microsoft Internet Mail and News in 1996 and later evolved into Outlook Express. The branding still says "Windows 95" in most places, except in Add/Remove Programs, where it says "Windows 96", and in the Command Prompt, where the VER command reports "Windows Nashville". The sliding effect for menus is also included.

Installation[edit | edit source]

Installation is similar to installing an upgrade version of Windows 95, but it doesn't always work and may BSOD during the second stage of setup. However this can be fixed.

Note: This build will not upgrade from Windows 95 if Windows 95 was installed on a FAT32 partition.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Drivers[edit | edit source]

VMware Tools graphics drivers cannot be installed on this build as they will not be able to support resolutions higher than 640x480x16.

Gallery[edit | edit source]