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{{ BLItem Confirmed|Windows Nashville build 999|4.10.999 }}
{{BLItem Unconfirmed|Windows Nashville build 960|4.10.960}}
{{ BLItem Unconfirmed|Windows Nashville build 1265|4.10.1265 }}
{{BLItem Confirmed|Windows Nashville build 999|4.10.999}}
{{BLItem Unconfirmed|Windows Nashville build 1265|4.10.1265}}

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Version of Microsoft Windows
OS familyWindows 9x
Preliminary name
Latest build
Release date
Support end
Windows 95

Windows Nashville (initially codenamed Cleveland and also called Windows 96 in some files, such as SETUPC.INF) is a canceled project developed by Microsoft, which was an attempt to merge web content and the classic desktop. At the moment, the only confirmed build is 4.10.999, although other builds are rumored to exist.

Most, if not all, of the functionality slated for Nashville was reassigned to the Memphis project, which eventually became Windows 98. Known features meant for Nashville include Internet Explorer 4 (which also reused the Nashville codename), desktop integration with the web (which was eventually released as Windows Desktop Update and Active Desktop), and a PIM suite, which in time became Outlook Express.