Windows Longhorn build 3713

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Build of Windows Longhorn
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Timebomb2003-11-09 (+361 days)
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Tablet PC Edition
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Windows Longhorn build 3713 is a Milestone 3 build of Windows Longhorn. This build was released to BetaArchive on 2011-04-26.[1] This build is not much different from builds 3706 or 3718.

New features

  • The Windows Sidebar is now enabled by default.
  • Windows Media Player has been updated to version 9.
  • This build introduces the 'new taskbar', which was later used as the default one in Milestone 5 & 6. This new taskbar overrides the current theme that the former taskbar had.
  • The Media Center application has been fixed and can now open, although it still often crashes upon use.

Tablet PC

This build is currently the only leaked pre-reset build that has both the Media Center Edition & the Tablet PC edition components. These combinations would be later seen in Longhorn Omega-13 (a.k.a. Windows Vista) in the Ultimate SKU. The Tablet PC components can be installed from the Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel. It includes the On-Screen Keyboard, Sticky Notes, InkBall, Tablet PC tutorials, and Windows Journal.

Bugs and quirks

  • Windows Journal does not open due to missing inking components.
  • Classic View is missing in the Control Panel and many applets are missing. Some of the Control Panel applets can be run by running their executable from Run or Command Prompt.