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Build of Windows 3.0
OS family
Architecturex86 16-bit
Works in
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Windows 3.0 build 55 is a pre-release build of Windows 3.0. It was scene leaked in 1990 as a preinstalled folder and was later found and shared by BetaArchive member The Distractor on 2014-03-03.[1] The original installation media for this build remains to be found. A rebuilt disk set has been made by member WinPC, but it uses some files from the RTM build.

Installation notes

You need to click Cancel when it asks for Disk 3 for the second time, then click Ignore when it asks for HIMEM.SYS. This build should be installed on top of MS-DOS/PC-DOS 4.0 for Real Mode, or Compaq's MS-DOS 3.31 for 386 Enhanced Mode. It works in VirtualBox, VMware, Virtual PC 2007, PCem, QEMU, and Bochs.

Paintbrush warnings

When you run Paintbrush for the first time, it will display two warnings. The first one informs you Paintbrush doesn't work well in low-memory situations, so you should run it under Standard or 386 Enhanced mode. The second warning talks about a bug where the contents of overlapping windows can end up in your drawing. It recommends you don't display other windows on top of Paintbursh to avoid this bug.

Cardfile mouse bug

After exiting Cardfile the cursor disappears, but the mouse still works.



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