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Windows-9834-DellVenueTab.png|Running on a touch screen tablet
Windows-9834-DellVenueTab.png|Running on a touch screen tablet
Windows-9834-WindowedPCSettings.png|Windowed settings app
Windows-9834-WindowedPCSettings.png|Windowed settings app
9834incorrectskinning.png|Settings app exhibiting title bar glitch

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Build of Windows 10
OS family
Architecturex86, x64
Timebomb2015-04-16 (+220 days)
Works in
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Windows 10 build 9834 is a Technical Preview build of Windows 10. This build was originally leaked in x64 Simplified Chinese but now has x86 support and languages besides Simplified Chinese. As with other builds in the fbl_partner branch, it also can boot with the current date without complaining about expired certificates.


This build was leaked in English (United States), Japanese, Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan), German, and Korean.


Display Drivers

Installing Nvidia drivers on the x64 version of this build breaks DWM resulting in a black screen. A similar bug has also been discovered when installing Intel HD graphics drivers. AMD drivers appear to be unaffected. Older Nvidia devices and drivers (pre-2012) are able to function with DWM disabled.

On-Screen Keyboard

On touch screen devices, On-Screen Keyboard pops-up only in certain programs. Restarting Explorer can fix this bug.

Remote Desktop Connection

The Remote Desktop Connection client is buggy in this build and is prone to crashing at random intervals.

Windowed Metro

Occasionally DWM may fail to correctly skin the title bars of windowed Metro apps such as Settings. This results in the title bar appearing with the Windows basic theme rather than the Aero theme. Quitting and restarting the affected app will clear the issue.