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{{BLItem Unconfirmed|Windows 10 build 10137|10137.0.th1.150602-2238}}
{{BLItem Unconfirmed|Windows 10 build 10137|10137.0.th1.150602-2238}}
{{BLItem Confirmed|Windows 10 build 10138|10138.0.fbl_impressive.150603-2236}}
{{BLItem Confirmed|Windows 10 build 10138|10138.0.fbl_impressive.150603-2236}}
{{BLItem Confirmed|Windows 10 build 10143|10143.0.fbl_impressive.150609-1823}}
{{BLItem Confirmed|Windows 10 build 10144|10144.0.fbl_impressive.150610-1947}}
{{BLItem Confirmed|Windows 10 build 10144|10144.0.fbl_impressive.150610-1947}}
{{BLItem Confirmed|Windows 10 build 10147|10147.0.fbl_impressive.150613-1600}}
{{BLItem Confirmed|Windows 10 build 10147|10147.0.fbl_impressive.150613-1600}}

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Windows 10
Version of Microsoft Windows
Windows 10 build 10240 First Boot.png
OS familyWindows NT
Preliminary name
Architecturex86, x64
Latest build
Release date2015-07-29
Support end2025-10-14
Windows 8.1
Replaced by
Windows 10 November Update
This article is about the original release of Windows 10 from 2015-07. See Microsoft Windows#Windows 10 updates (NT 10.0) for the subsequent feature updates released for Windows 10.

Windows 10 (codenamed Threshold, also referred to as Windows 9 or Windows TH) is the successor to the Microsoft Windows 8.1 operating system released on 2015-07-29. It was believed to be called Windows 9, but this was revealed to be mistaken eventually, on 2014-09-30. Rumours have spread that 'Windows 9' was skipped because the name triggered code for Windows 9x in some applications, most of the time leading to an error message on the application not supporting Windows 9x. Windows 10 intends to address some of the complaints that were made in response to the user interface in Windows 8. Screenshots of Windows 10 build 9834 were released on 2014-09-11 which show a revised Start menu interface and additional improvements to the Windows operating system. Windows 10 is a revolutionary release, being the first to fully use Windows Update to provide features and fixes to the masses much faster, while also providing a group that people who want to test its future releases can join (referred to as the 'Windows Insider Program'). Windows 10 gained largely positive reviews and has easily exceeded the market share that Windows 8 gained in the same period.

Due to the switch to a periodical release system, many builds after the RTM are still labeled 'Windows 10' but are listed on separate pages. Builds for the multiple updates can be seen on their respective pages.


BetaWiki lists only those builds with more information available (i.e. screenshots, photos, etc.) or ones released outside Microsoft (Partners, WIP).

Windows Update ESD Listing

See here for a list of Windows 10 ESD files that have been gathered from the Windows Update infrastructure.

Pre-Technical Preview (Early Development)

NT 6.3

NT 6.4

Technical Preview (6.4.9841-10.0.10064)

The Technical Preview was the first phase of the Windows Insider program. The first build released was 9841, and the last build released during the TP phase was build 10061.

NT 10.0

Threshold Wave 1-class Insider Preview (10.0.10071-10.0.10166)

This phase of development began with build 10074, which was a quality build, at least going by the standards set by 10041/10049. The final phase of TH1 Insider Preview development ended with build 10166, which was extremely close to the RTM build, build 10240.

RTM Escrow