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Caveria - Windows Archiver since March 7, 2018 (over 1 year). Joined to the Wiki on June 23, 2018. The first place of upload by Caveria is Windows XP build 2542 - same day as creation account. I don't like operating systems without GUI.

Every images, ISOs and VHDs such Windows are in 1-3 (sometimes none) or more times in every 1-7 days! (not always 1-7 days)

I'm currently bored with this. I'll search other activity for me.

Favitore builds of Windows

MS-DOS - 4.01 - Not a Windows but it's so great!

Windows 1.0 - Premiere Release - Leaked fully at late 2014.

Windows 2.x - Developer's Beta 1 Release - Update for 1.0 but not much changed.

Windows 3.0 - Build 55 - Some changes

Windows 3.1x - Build 70 - Newest leaked build

Windows NT 3.5x - Build 756 - Best build ever

Windows NT 4.0 - Build 1314.1 - So amazing build

Windows 95 - Build 323 - Early start menu

Microsoft Cairo - Build 1175 - Almost like NT 4.0

Windows Nashville Build 999 - Almost like 95

Windows 98 - Build 1544 - Starting making update for 95.

Windows ME - Build 2332.2 - Earliest leaked build

Windows 2000 - Build 2151 - RC 3 not Pre-RTM!

Windows Neptune - Build 5111.1 - Only leaked build

Windows XP - Build 2276 - Few bugs fixed making the best build for me

Windows Longhorn - Build 4053 - Too good for use it. (currently redirects to Windows Vista)

Windows Vista - Build 5552 - RC 1, not late or even early!

Windows 7 - Build 6608 - Milestone 2, almost like a Vista!

Windows 8 - Build 8161 - Developer Preview

Windows 8.1 - Build 9385 - Milestone Preview and it's has multiple languages

Windows 10 - Build 9834 - Technical Preview

Windows 10 Vanadium - Build 18824 - Early build.

Windows Server 2003 - Build 3505 - I enjoy this build.

Windows Server 2008 - Build 4028 - I can't start the setup from VMware, so i had move to VirtualBox.

Windows Server 2008 R2 - Build 7127 - Best build installed.

Windows Server 2012 - Build 7850 - Great build for me. It still has Windows Classic.

Windows Server 2012 R2 - Build 9354 - Earliest changes but only in Chinese Taiwan

Windows Server 2016 - Build 9926 - Technical Preview 2

Windows Server 2019 - Build 17713 - Late, but not final preview (not R2 for Server 2016)

Windows Server Vanadium - Build 18824 - Current build.

My opinions on LONGHORN!!!

Milestone 3

Build 3683 - Not much changed XP version with massive new features. Good build to use with XP. Sidebar is here. Plex is added for this build.

Build 3706 - Slightly slower than Build 3683 but it's too stable. Darker Plex is here.

Build 3713 - Great tutorial for Tablet PC Edition! Not much changed from 3706 and 3718.

Build 3718 - Not much different than build 3706 and 3713. Tablet PC Edition is dropped.

Milestone 4

Build 4001 - The new setup and clean installing and best build for me. Media Center Edition is dropped.

Build 4008 - Again updated setup, new wallpaper, Luna, Plex and Classic are there. Updated Screen Saver.

Build 4011 - Pain to hard install the build with missing files. Updated bootscreen. I used repack. Also I installed with 4008 files, but changed install.wim.

Milestone 5

Build 4015 - New style logging on and new wallpaper with milestone 5. Taskbar can't be changed to luna now, if sidebar is running. At this point builds start being unstable.

Build 4020 - Great build, removes XP from watermark and skips an OOBE. DCE is broken.

Build 4029 - Again new style logging on and large preview image the best feature of the build.

Build 4028 - Server version of build 4029 with clock from 4033. Bliss from Windows XP is here.

Milestone 6

Build 4032 - Removes clock if running sidebar and DCE works on it.

Build 4033 - Updated plex and new wallpaper with M6.

Build 4039 - Updated setup and slightly updated plex. Aero is added.

Build 4042 - New bootscreen, new wallpaper, new logging on screen and plex is replaced by Slate without message Start. Aero is still here. Endless boot if running on VMware so use Longhorn Packet.

Milestone 7

Build 4051 - New setup, again new logging on screen windows logo and everything black with white message. Some changes from build 4042.

Build 4053 - Almost like 4051 with fixed network internet.

Build 4066 - The server version of build 4074. Jade is here, most of XP icons were changed to actual Longhorn icons. This and 4028 are only the builds of Longhorn to include wallpaper Bliss from Windows XP with build 4028.

Build 4074 - A very popular build and fan-made scenes. A newest wallpaper loved by users and changed make some changes. This build is very stable to use. Jade is here again, Slate, Luna and Classic were keep. Aero is here for best!

Build 4083 - The build is only in 64-bit edition. Sidebar is removed from the build, Jade, Slate, Luna but not Classic with some missing files to use. WordPad is broken for this build with 4084.

Build 4084 - A new wallpaper used to until reset code on Longhorn. This build can't be upgrade from pervious build. The bug is same with 4083 with missing files.

Build 4088 - Not much changed from build 4084, new starting setup screen and too many bugs is here for example Safe Mode is complety broken and gives us BSOD. WordPad interface is fixed.

Build 4093 - The hell of classic Longhorn. Early anytime upgrade, Movie Maker 3.0 and some changes. This very unstable build and takes a long time to install while upgrading with massive number of errors after setup. Not for me, if I use VMware Player. In early Anytime upgrade says Professional is Home Edition of Longhorn, so it's not true in folder WINDOWS/Web/Wallpapers contains a wallpaper from Windows XP Professional. All visual styles were keep with fixed Windows Classic. A new interface of Windows Media Player.

Pre-Beta 1

Build 3790.1232 - The build is almost like Windows XP. Also I must have a fixed version of AntiWPA. I use Safe Mode forever. Finally installed but only Windows Classic but not Luna.

Build 5048 - Too many features from Longhorn dropped from this build, new bootscreen and early Aero. RSOD is here for failing boot the build. Luna and Windows Classic were keep. Logging screen from Windows XP. New wallpaper is here.

Beta 1

Build 5112 - Aero is updated with new watermark Windows Vista no longer Longhorn, but is still here on winver. Luna is removed by Aero and Windows Classic is still here. New wallpaper is here again.

To-Do list

  • Record and install all Longhorn videos and send them to YouTube.
  • Install all Whistler Server and record them videos on YouTube.
  • Install all Whistler and record them videos on YouTube.
  • Install all Windows 7 builds. (Starting from build 7022 on October 8, 2018 to October 25)
  • Install all Windows Server 2008 builds. (Process: Build 6001.18000 - Until October 7, 2018) (On October 3 was a problem with speed downloading on FTP server, so I delay it.)
  • Install all Windows 8.1 builds. (Starting from build 9364 on October 27 to November 3 - likely) (Build 9431 is not going to be added)
  • Install all missing Windows 2000 builds.
  • Create pages, if I did checked they aren't created to this wiki - most for Windows.
  • Improve and add more screenshots of Windows visual styles.
  • Complete gallery about Windows Longhorn.
  • Complete gallery about Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. (on hold)
  • Install all new leaked builds of Windows 8.
  • Install all new leaked builds of Windows Server 2016.
  • Change bios to compiled on Windows pages.
  • Install all Windows Server 2003 R2 builds.
  • Install all Windows Server 2016 builds. (on hold)


My main hardware is Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 build 6.1.7601.17514.win7sp1_rtm.101119-1850 and language Polish. Since March 30, 2018.

Former Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3 build 5.1.2600.5512.xpsp.080413-2111 and language Polish. Until March 30, 2018. Based on build 5.1.2600.6419.xpsp_sp3_qfe.130704-0421

My virtual machines are VMware Player (often), VirtualBox (sometimes) and Microsoft Virtual PC (NT 5.0 (2000) Whister (XP) only).

About more

Here's placement of my best virtual machines to run Windows and it's builds. (unfortunately all uninstalled (expect Virtual PC) due to Internet connection and a chance of BSOD)

1st - VMware Player - best emulator for me, running Windows! Build 2202 of Whistler runs on it! It can't run Windows XP builds 2411-2430.

2nd - Microsoft Virtual PC - good for use Windows Whistler builds 2211-2430. Can't upgrade to 2474 and late if upgrading in Whistler.

3rd - VirtualBox - sometimes by VHD. For build 4028.


My first installed build for 2019 is Windows Longhorn build 4008!

My last installed build for 2018 is Windows Longhorn build 4084!

Placement: (All completed currently, more coming soon!) (For To-Do list)

See more:


Sandbox 2

Demo Image Gallery