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Build Compatibility

Build VMware VirtualBox Virtual PC PCem family QEMU Bochs
PCem 86Box VARCem
Windows 98
1593 Requires ACPI, APM, and hardware acceleration turned off Requires ACPI, APM, and hardware acceleration turned off Requires ACPI, APM, and hardware acceleration turned off Only boots in safe mode Yes Yes Only boots in safe mode Only boots in safe mode
Windows Longhorn
3683 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
4028 Requires compatibility mode Yes Yes Hangs during setup boot BSOD during setup boot BSOD during setup boot BSOD during setup boot BSOD during setup boot
4074 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Latest leaked build

Latest Insider build:
Latest leaked build:
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Ranking the Windows builds

Higher is better.

Windows 1.0

  1. DR5
  2. Alpha
  3. Premiere Edition
  4. Beta


  1. 3713
  2. 3718
  3. 4074
  4. 4015
  5. 3683
  6. 4029
  7. 5048
  8. 4001
  9. 3790
  10. 4093
  11. 4011
  12. 4053
  13. 4066
  14. 4028
  15. 4008
  16. 4042
  17. 4039
  18. 4033
  19. 4084
  20. 4088
  21. 4051
  22. 4083
  23. 3706

Longhorn Build Stability

  • Build 3683: For a start, it's pretty stable, but still don't rely on this build as many apps will refuse to run here.
  • Build 3706: Unstable to use, interacting with the sidebar can cause Explorer to crash. Don't modify Slide Show or you might get in a Explorer reset loop.
  • Build 3713: Fixes it's stability problems and can now run Tablet PC. Other than that it's not much different from build 3706.
  • Build 3718: One of the most stable builds out there, although Tablet PC is gone (and will be for most of the later builds)
  • Build 4001: When they started using WIM installation, it's actually pretty stable to install. The only downside is that PCem family won't install this.
  • Build 4008: This is where builds start to get unstable. DCE also breaks again.
  • Build 4011: Apparently no mistakes were learned, and now WinPE is broken. Testing the i386 repack, this build is pretty stable. The WIM might be a little unstable.
  • Build 4015: Stable if you disable processes and the sidebar. Interesting build as well thanks to new login screen.
  • Build 4028: Good luck if you don't use VirtualBox, since apparently they hadn't learned a thing from build 4011. It's stable if it installs, at least.
  • Build 4029: A client version of build 4029 with a fixed setup. Be sure to disable the processes or run on real hardware like PCem or it can be unstable.
  • Build 4033: Same as above, be sure to disable the useless processes to stop the memory leaks and unstable Explorer.
  • Build 4039: This build is a different story. 3706 stability returns even when disabling processes. At least Aero kinda works.
  • Build 4042: New style doesn't mean good stability. It's kinda unstable but at least better than 3706 or 4039.
  • Build 4051: Sans a few problems with hardware installation and internet, this build can run stabler than 4042.
  • Build 4053: After reinstallation, it's kinda stable, but 4074 and 3718 is better in stability
  • Build 4066: As with the i386 builds, it's surprisingly stable and can run better than most other builds with the Slate theme. Aero also works to some extent.
  • Build 4074: Well known build is able to run stable and can even have working Aero.
  • Build 4083: Very empty build, don't bother installing unless you need to install all builds. Has hardware problems, instability issues, and almost nothing left.
  • Build 4084: Also don't bother, it's pretty empty and unstable despite having more content than 4083.
  • Build 4088: Newest leaked build isn't interesting as it's mostly similar to 4084 feature-wise and stability-wise.
  • Build 4093: It's actually more usable than 408x builds, tested. Be prepared for a long install if you tend to run this. It has every feature that was scrapped visible here which makes this build worth installing over the 408x builds and maybe even 4053.
  • Build 3790.1232: Unless you know how to get past the setup, don't bother, as it's simply XP with timebomb, 0-day activation, and setup bug. If you do get it to install, enjoy being able to use it like Windows XP but with the Server 2003 kernel.
  • Bulid 5048: Stable build in toll of nearly all of the Longhorn goodies. New Aero theme.
  • Build 5112: Pretty stable as well, although if you are running this on a Pentium 3 or lower PC or on an emulator like Virtual PC, either be prepared for a long install or don't bother.
  • Build 5212: Sidebar makes a return here, and this build is still reasonably stable.
  • Build 5219: Build 5212 with less features, kinda wonky but stable too.
  • Build 5231 and 5231.2: If on emulator, don't bother as it will either not boot to setup or otherwise be pretty slow. Otherwise it can run pretty sturdy and fine.
  • Build 5259: Don't bother, more unstable version of build 5231. Good luck if you are planning to run the Server SKU.
  • Build 5259.3: Fixes a few issues and it's kinda stable but wonky too.
  • Build 5270.9: Kinda unstable or stable depending on how much this build likes your system.
  • Build 5284: While it looks interesting at first, it's not much different from build 5270.9, although there is setup bugs that makes upgrading impossible. Also the $OEM$ folder too.

Notes on certain OSes



  • Most ISOs out there (including the copy I currently have) doesn't requests a product key and nullifies the time bomb (so it works like as I like to call it "2000 SP7"). However, the ISOs on more reliable resources like BetaArchive's FTP uses a product key (which also allows 98SE product keys) and a varying timebomb.
  • Internet Explorer 6 is a big no for this build. It messes up a lot of features including the logon screen.
  • You can shut off Neptune; it only hibernates by default.

BSoD Hunt

  • Find all BSoDs or crashes:
    • Windows 1.x series: run aux.
    • Windows 2.x series: Dunno, it's somehow resistant to aux and con. Some application from Toastytech seems to crash the computer on me once though.
    • Windows 3.x and 9x (except ME): run con/con. System freezes on 3.x.
    • Windows ME: Dunno, if it is running stable, it is hard to crash. Still uses same BSOD as Windows 9x though.
    • Windows NT and 2000: dir C:\WINNT\System32, press F7 and enter many times while its running.
    • Windows Whistler/XP: Kill winlogon.exe in Process Explorer. No, you cannot crash without Process Explorer.
    • Windows Longhorn and up: Kill csrss.exe in Task Manager (doesn't work on Longhorn 4029 and later if you don't see all processes)


  • Apparently MS Plus! Digital Media Edition installs on Longhorn builds. Tested on build 3713 and build 4015, they both install. MS Plus! XP crashes loading setup though.
  • PCem doesn't run Windows XP build 2433. It usually crashes during TXT setup with hardware storm hangs.
  • My god, Windows Server 2008 build 4028. This build doesn't like many emulators. I tried PCem, and it hangs loading WinPE. I tried QEMU, and it BSOD when loading hardware stage of setup.


Did you know...

  • All the Windows ME beta builds share the same product key?