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Notes on certain OSes



  • Most ISOs out there (including the copy I currently have) doesn't requests a product key and nullifies the time bomb (so it works like as I like to call it "2000 SP7"). However, the ISOs on more reliable resources like BetaArchive's FTP uses a product key (which also allows 98SE product keys) and a varying timebomb.
  • Internet Explorer 6 is a big no for this build. It messes up a lot of features including the logon screen.
  • You can shut off Neptune; it only hibernates by default.

BSoD Hunt

  • Find all BSoDs or crashes:
    • Windows 1.x series: run aux.
    • Windows 2.x series: Dunno, it's somehow resistant to aux and con. Some application from Toastytech seems to crash the computer on me once though.
    • Windows 3.x and 9x (except ME): run con/con. System freezes on 3.x.
    • Windows ME: Dunno, if it is running stable, it is hard to crash. Still uses same BSOD as Windows 9x though.
    • Windows NT and 2000: dir C:\WINNT\System32, press F7 and enter many times while its running.
    • Windows Whistler/XP: Kill winlogon.exe in Process Explorer. No, you cannot crash without Process Explorer.
    • Windows Longhorn and up: Kill csrss.exe in Task Manager (doesn't work on Longhorn 4029-early Vista builds)


  • Apparently MS Plus! Digital Media Edition installs on Longhorn builds. Tested on build 3713 and build 4015, they both install. MS Plus! XP crashes loading setup though.