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Did you know...
  • ...that Windows FLP requires only 64 MB of RAM, whereas its base Windows XP requires four time that?
  • ...that Windows Server 2003 build 2462 includes login banners for a Personal edition of Windows 2000?
  • ...that there are multiple Windows Longhorn builds with the same build number and lab, which are distinguished only by compile date?
  • ...that in Windows Longhorn build 4042 (Lab06_n) there are folders both with the XP-style 'My' name and the Vista-style name which dropped the 'My'?
  • ....that there was at least one Windows 7 build which had an E SKU (removing IE), which was never included in RTM?
  • ...that there was a test for Windows NT 3.5x to see if it could use the Windows 95 shell, namely NewShell/Technology Preview?
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Windows 10 build 15035 is a build of Windows 10 Creators Update. It was leaked to BetaArchive on 2019-11-24, although it is known to have been in private circulation since early 2017. This build is currently notable to be the only leaked Windows 10 client build available for ARM (ARMv7) processors. It is possible to run this build under QEMU as well as on various devices that originally shipped with Windows RT or Windows 10 Mobile if the appropriate drivers are available and Secure Boot can be disabled.

This build omits certain apps that were either not available for ARM (ARMv7) processors at the time or were simply excluded from the build for other reasons. Although the included apps are limited there are numerous additional apps still available as well as updates for the preinstalled apps that are compatible with this build


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