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Did you know...
  • ...that Windows FLP requires only 64 MB of RAM, whereas Windows XP requires 256 MB?
  • ...that there are two Windows Longhorn builds with the same build number and lab, which are distinguished only by compile date?
  • ...that Ubuntu will be restarting its name system with version 17.10?
  • ...that real-life events caused a major sudden change to Windows XP's advertising campaign?
  • ...that in Windows Longhorn build 4042 (Lab06_n) there are folders both with the XP-style 'My' name and the Vista-style name which dropped the 'My'?
Release of the month
Windows NT October 1991 pre-release
Windows NT 3.1 build 175.1 was shown during Windows World 91.[1] It is the earliest known build of Windows NT. Bill Gates himself demonstrated the new multitasking capabilities that were set to be introduced with Windows NT. The build number can be seen at the top of the video from 0:20 onwards. The full string is believed to say "NT 32-bit Windows [NTX86BLD] v1.175".

Bill Gates first uses the new File Manager (ported to NT from Windows 3.0) to launch the Clock application, then minimizes both (along with Program Manager) to reveal two instances of WINBez running in the background, along with another graphics demo app named simply "Demo".

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