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Windows Neptune build 5111.1
Windows Neptune build 5111.1 is a build of Windows Neptune. As of 2020, it is the only leaked build of Windows Neptune. It's also known as "Microsoft Neptune Developer Release" and was sent to developers on 1999-12-27. Much of the branding (including Winver) still says "Windows 2000". Although many files have the version "5.50.5111.1", and this is even the true version in the kernel, the kernel actually reports "5.00.5111.1" to match the subsystem version in its own PE header.

It includes the Activity Centers, a new login interface and user management application, an early version of Internet Explorer 5.5, as well as the new Help Center and AutoUpdate from Windows ME and several other improvements. It's configured to hibernate rather than shut down by default.


For an even better editing experience, BetaWiki now has VisualEditor, a WYSIWYG editor! Using it should be pretty straightforward, but as pages have to be internally converted for it to work, it may not reflect some formatting well. While generic preview authenticity issues are expected, if you see anything worse happening, hit any of the admins and we will try to do something about it.

P.S. We left up an option to completely disable it in your user preferences should you not like it.

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