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Windows 8 build 7700
Windows 8 build 7700 is a pre-Milestone 1 build of Windows 8. Screenshots of this build were released by the Russian Windows news website WZor on 2010-01-29.

This build has been determined to be a Windows 8 build, due to its relatively high build number and presence of an extremely early version of Internet Explorer 9. Assert strings have been changed to hide the full path, like in Windows 8 and not Windows 7 SP1. In addition, some executables are signed by "Windows Main Build Lab Account" like later Windows 8 builds, unlike the standard "Microsoft Corporation" signer during the development and release of Windows 7. This build also reuses the "betta fish" default wallpaper seen in development builds of Windows 7.


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P.S. We left up an option to completely disable it in your user preferences should you not like it.

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