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  • ...that Windows XP build 2223 had commented out code in its Business theme file that would allow the user to configure different colors based on its settings?
  • ...that Apple has officially released several developer releases of what would later become Mac OS X for the x86 architecture as a part of its NeXT legacy, and secretly continued to maintain the port until Tiger?
  • ...that Windows Longhorn build 3683 has a debug flag for winnt.exe, "/I_am_TedM", in order to bypass the error to run the DOS-based setup in the Command Prompt?
  • ...that some builds of Windows 98 and Windows 2000 contained a Show Desktop button on the taskbar, which would be scrapped later until Windows 7 build 6608?
  • ...that no build of Windows Vista (including pre-reset) actually used or even included the widespread Longhorn sound scheme?

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Windows 3.0 with Multimedia Extensions 1.0 (also called "Multimedia Windows" by some sources) is a special, multimedia-centric OEM-only release of Windows 3.0, released throughout 1991 by various OEMs. Currently available releases include Tandy for the PC in English and German, an English release for the PC by an unidentified OEM, and a Japanese release for NEC PC-98.

It includes new programs for audio and video playback, new drivers for CD-ROM drives, sound cards, displays and joysticks, screensavers, as well as new Control Panel and Help applications like the ones seen later in Windows 3.1. It is otherwise the same as Windows 3.00a, on which it's based. Its distinctive multimedia features were later incorporated into Windows 3.1. Though this release can still run in all three modes, the new multimedia related features are only available in Standard and 386 Enhanced modes.


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