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|compiled = 2007-06-04
|compiled = 2007-06-04
|about = MacOSX-Leopard-9A466-About.png
|about = MacOSX-Leopard-9A466-About.png
|version-number = 10.5.0
|version-number = 10.5

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Build of Mac OS X Leopard
ArchitecturePPC, i386, x86_64
Version number10.5
Works in

Mac OS X Leopard build 9A466 is a beta build of Mac OS X Leopard. This build is the last DVD-based beta build of Mac OS X Leopard and was distributed at WWDC '07. This build marked the second revision of the updated iTunes-like Aqua interface that was kept until Snow Leopard. Most of the Tiger assets have been removed, although some icons are still from Tiger, as well as certain UI buttons (such as the window controls).

User Interface

The menu bar and dropdowns in this revision utilize a flat design that is different from both Tiger and the RTM version of Leopard. This menu bar design would not be used again until Mac OS X Yosemite. This build also introduced the 3D dock that would be used from Leopard until Mavericks.

The default theme and wallpaper used is "Grass Blades" which would be ultimately replaced by "Aurora" in the retail version of Leopard. This build's Setup Assistant theme is the same as Tiger, only changing the name to Mac OS X Leopard Developer Preview.